When I first connected with Yolanda, I was in a state of mental blockage and felt stuck in a life that didn't serve me or my true purpose. I felt stuck, but lacked the know how, inspiration and self belief to move beyond this stagnate feeling.

I think the biggest change I've noticed about myself, and that I know I learnt through my sessions with Yolanda, was to be gentle with myself. To be forgiving and kind, to be less harsh and less judgemental of myself.
This has helped me not stay stuck but be more progressive, even if it's just small steps towards my goals.

For me, this was the gentle affirming push I needed to organise my thoughts, set out real goals and set up plans on how to reach them. I found Yolanda’s approach to be gentle but progressive and effective.

I would recommend Yolanda's coaching services to my friends and family who seek guidance.

Larryn Lewis

Through coaching with Yolanda, I have been able to understand and unpack strategies and tools which are helping me work to build my inner stregth as an Aboriginal woman. 

Yolanda has provided a culturally safe approach to support my healing journey. Being an Aboriginal woman herself, she provides an understanding through a First Nations lens. I've been provided with a supportive space to unpack intergenerational traumaas, my sef-worth, self-love, identity, unpacking and stregthening my purpose.

Yolanda is leading the way in First Nations wellbeing and healing approaches.

Kenita-Lee McCartney

After hearing lots of great things about coaching and about Yolanda in particular, when the opportunity arose to work with Yolanda I had no reason to say no!

My coaching series with Yolanda was an extremely rewarding, enriching and inspiring experience. From the beginning, Yolanda was engaged, enthusiastic and supportive of my goals. I felt comfortable and safe in sharing my thoughts, opinions and feelings and was reassured in knowing that we shared a similar cultural world view.

With the help of Yolanda, I feel I have made significant progress in achieving some large personal goals and have been equipped with the skills, insight and confidence to continue to be reflective of myself, my behaviours and my thinking.

Being able to reflect on myself without criticism or judgement and to see the positives in my existing behavior has been one significant change I have noticed from the coaching experience.

I look forward to working with Yolanda again in the future!

Olivia Bentley

When I started working with Yolanda I wanted to have guidance on my path. I was unsure on so many aspects of what I wanted to do and lacked confidence.
Yolanda’s coaching style was supportive and genuine in a professional and non-judgmental way.

Being a woman of colour, I never felt judged or had to explain. She got it, Yolanda was real! She provided compassion and understanding of points in my life I wanted to change. Providing tools I can add to my life tool kit.

With Yolanda, I hit my Oprah moment when I realized I can help all sorts of people and not limit myself. I was able to get there with Yolanda’s cultural understanding. That was crucial for me moving forward.

Kirsten Bonds

The biggest change is the recognition that I don’t have to continue on with the negative thought patterns, pain and suffering passed down from previous generations. 

The unknown can be a little scary but Yolanda made me feel so comfortable and it was like talking to an old friend. 

I cannot thank you enough Yolly. You have a special gift, thank you so much for sharing it with me 

                                                                                                                                          Yvette Watson 


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