I invite you to take a moment to use your imagination to push past your comfort zone and change what you believe is possible for you.

What have you always wished for in your life? What new opportunities do you want to create?
If you’ve spent your whole life helping to build someone else’s dreams, or living a life that someone else thought you should live, it’s time to STOP.
No more excuses. It’s time. It’s time to invest in yourself and YOUR vision for your life
This 2-hour workshop run by Holistic Life Coach, Yolanda Finette is designed to give you inspiration, set meaningful, attainable goals for the next 12 months and the tools to actually help you stick to them!

This workshop is for you if…

  • You are feeling a bit blah, unmotivated, lacking clarity and direction.
  • You need guidance to create a clear and concise road map and action plan for 2021.
  • You’ve never set goals before, and have no idea where to start!
  • You have lots of big ideas but feeling overwhelmed about how to set goals and make them happen.
  • You want to reignite that spark in your life and reconnect with your deeper purpose and values 
  • You want to feel excited, and in control as you enter your next season of growth.

Join me for a 2 hour online Goal setting and vision planning workshop

When: Wednesday February 10th, 2021
Time: 6:30-8:30 PM AEDT
Where : Zoom

Price: $69 or early bird price of $47 if you purchase before February 5, 2021

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Your Values

Reflect on your values, guiding you towards what really matters to you and  how different your life looks when you are living in alignment with your values 

Your Goals

Without a plan your dreams are only wishes, so to make your dreams come true we must create inspiring and motivating goals. During this workshop you will get clarity on the life you want to have and who you truly want to BE in 2021and beyond. 

Create a successful 2021 action plan

Beyond New Years resolutions- Setting yourself up for success rather than sabotage. During this workshop you will receive tips and tools on how to take inspired action, challenge limiting beliefs, anchor into your goals and establish daily success habits. 

Goal Setting and Vision planning Workshop Includes :

  • 2-hour interactive Zoom workshop
  • Downloadable workbook with worksheets, tools and resources.
  • 15-minute follow up 1:1 goal setting session with me via Zoom.
  • Workshop recording