I facilitate a soul-transforming shift that will open you up to your innate power, purpose, and potential.
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I’m Yolanda, a holistic life coach, consultant, and facilitator.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck, stagnated, disconnected and powerless. That’s why I do what I do. Through a cultural lens, I support the discovery of your higher purpose, passion, and potential to co-create a new and fulfilling blueprint of your life’s journey.
- Yolanda
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When I first connected with Yolanda, I was in a state of mental blockage and felt stuck in a life that didn't serve me or my true purpose. I felt stuck, but lacked the know how, inspiration and self belief to move beyond this stagnate feeling.

After hearing lots of great things about coaching and about Yolanda in particular, when the opportunity arose to work with Yolanda I had no reason to say no!

When I started working with Yolanda I wanted to have guidance on my path. I was unsure on so many aspects of what I wanted to do and lacked confidence.


Yolanda has provided a culturally safe approach to support my healing journey. Being an Aboriginal woman herself, she provides an understanding through a First Nations lens. 

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Artist: Emma Bamblett | Photographer: Mikaela Egan